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Wireless Anti-theft Anti-lost Personal Alarm for Child Pet-White

$ 11.52

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The Anti-lost alarm (stolen-proof) for the valuable things including person, Microcomputer control technique adopted, and it consists of two parts: Receiver (master) and transmitter (pick aback plane) and have numerous codes. It is convenient to use, easy operation, small size, and easy to take, widely used with mobile, wallet, box, little boy, key and other valuable cases to protect your products or little boy against lost or stolen. It also can be adjusted including distance, vibrating, alarm, safe power.


* 100% Brand New
* Size of the transmitter: 44 * 28 * 8mm
* Size of the receiver: 60 * 36 * 15mm
* Receiver Battery: 1 * 1.5V AAA (not included)
* Size of the individual packaging: 200 * 80 * 17mm
* Scope of application: 0-25 meters, suitable distance while usually referring to the wireless obstacle factor not special around (The wireless obstacle factor includes the building of metal wall, trolley car body, has objects that radio waves transmitted, establishing the distance will interfere having either long or short changes.)
* Life-span of battery: transmitter use for about 3 weeks if it is used for 8 hours in one day; If the receiver is used in one day for 8 hours, about 2 months.

Package Included:

1 * Transmitter
1 * Receiver

Electronic Anti-lost Alarm White

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