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Potty Training in One Day™ – The Potty Scotty Doll

$ 44.95


Potty Scotty Doll is a potty training doll for boys that is designed for the Potty Training in One Day method. He can also be used as potty training tool for general potty training.

Potty Scotty is anatomically correct, this is important because you wan to give your son as realistic of an experience as possible. This will help your son to connect with a doll that is “like him”.

Potty Scotty Doll is drink and wet-on-demand doll.Scotty can drink water and hold it until you want him to go pee. He can pee in any Potty Chair or PottySeat you want to use.

He is 16″ tall and is dressed in a 2 piece outfit. His pants are removable, just like your child’s, when he is ready to go potty. He is wearing a diaper, but if you follow the PottyTraining in One Day Guide it says to remove and replace the diaper with “big boy” trainingpants. The additional training pants are to change the doll when he has an accident on the Big Day.

When you purchase this Potty Scotty Doll you also receive the Doll, 2 bottles for PottyScotty, and 3 doll training pants.

Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 11.5 x 11.75 x 7 cm



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