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Baby Child Car Seat Bag Safety Seat Strap Carry-on Bag – Random Color

$ 52.20


* Dimension: Child Seat for 1 year to 5 years.
* Stuffed head cushion, back cushion, front cushion and bottom, all belts are variable in length.
* Use compound of high-density, slow-bounce sponge and fabric.
* Comfortable and air permeable with friendly environmental and sterile material.
* Two position height for adjustment system. It can be adjusted according to different weight and height to fit babies approx and comfortably.
* Multi-buckle and convertible harness can be adjusted to create a comfortable position for babies.
* According to ergonomics and any other things, a new design of round rest, a mini pillow and lengthened harness, can reach an optimal performance, and even the babies seem like being held in mother’s embrace.
* Easy-to-use fastenings, and hardness is separate from the baby for added safety, Offering all dimensional protection to your children in the car.
* Size:120cm X 36cm X 1.5cm
* Weight: 0.54 Kg
* Color: random color (blue/red/khaki)

* Take two belts of back of cushion down through the between headrest and backrest of seat.
* Take two bottom belts of the back of cushion up through the between backrest and pad of car seat.
* Lock the buckle of the belt , and tight it.

* Put your baby on cushion, hike protection abdomen pad, lock the shoulder buckle and abdomen buckle.
* Pull out the three point safety belt of car seat, take the buckle through protection abdomen pad isolated layer, then insert it into the car seat safety belts.

* This car seat must be used matching three points car safety belts.

* Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting. All pictures are real stock photos.

Package Included:
* 1 x Car Safety Belt

Additional information

Weight 0.5500 kg
Dimensions 120 x 36 x 1.5 cm



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